The Enchanted Isle

by Trustinlies at 7:39 AM
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Please treat the forums like our server, we will be enforcing the same rules.

- Treat everyone with respect. We all love minecraft and we all play on TEI
- No foul or inappropriate language or conversations, we are kid friendly.
- Do not spam the forums, if you do your posts will be deleted and you may be banned.
- Remember everyone is entitled to their opinion, please respect that.
- Please read and follow any submission guides provided in forums. They are there for a reason.
- Have fun and enjoy TEI!
by Trustinlies at 8:09 AM
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Hello Everybody,
This is Trustinlies with exciting news! If you haven't already noticed, we are on a new website. We decided to upgrade from Enjin to provide you, our players, with a better website experience.

Our new website offers better forums, more customization options, better security and more. Enjoy!