The Enchanted Isle

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Hello Everybody,
Trust here to announce our winners of the HG Tournament and the prizes they have been awarded.

Top 5 Wins - Prize: Free Rank Upgrade
1. CalsChaos
2. Itz_Dylannn
3. ScrapOfPaper
4. fregaropa
5. Ravennnnn

Top 5 Kills - Prize: 3 Lvl 3 Treasure Chests, 3 Map Passes
1. CalsChaos
2. Itz_Dylannn
3. ScrapOfPaper
4. fregaropa
5. Ravennnnn

Top 5 Games Played - Prize: 3 Lvl 3 Treasure Chests, 3 Map Passes
1. Itz_Dylannn
2. CalsChaos
3. HevelinoYT
4. Ravennnnn
5. cole81579

Top 5 Losses/Deaths - Prize: 3 Lvl 3 Treasure Chests
1. Rydersharpshoota
2. cole81579
3. Itz_Dylannn
4. kittycatgamer1
5. ItzSkyPvP_

We aren't stopping there. The Top 5 Runner Ups (places 6-10) will also received 2 Lvl 3 Treasure Chests.

Thank you to everyone who...
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Hello everybody,
Trust here with a very important question for you! I will be re-adding the shops at spawn on survival in the next day or two. What I want to know is, what do you guys want to be featured in the shop? Obviously unattainable items such as bedrock and barrier blocks are not being considered, but I am open to suggestions for other items. Leave your feedback below!
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Hello everybody!
Trust here with some information about our new beta gamemode, Spell Masters. Spell Masters is a Magic based PvP game in which you use your wand to cast the spells you have learned at your opponents. There are a few unique things about this gamemode that I would like to share with you all.

Spells are the core component of the gamemode. Without them your wand is useless. When you first log in you will be granted a Beginner wand that has 3 Spells: Flare, Magic Missile, and Blink. These spells represent 2 of the 4 types of spells you will find in Spell Masters.

Attack Spells:
Attack Spells are exactly what they sound like. They are used to directly damage an opponent through effects and damage. Out of your starting spells Flare and Magic Missile are attack spells.

Defensive Spells:
Defensive Spells...
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Skywars Update, Player Spectate and Ballistic Bows

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Hey everybody,
Trust here with some exciting news. As a server that has been around awhile it surprised even me that we were not on any of the server list websites. So I took care of that. We now appear on which many of you will recognize if you play on and vote for hypixel and mineplex. We are hoping that we can get our ranking up with your help and it will help our wonderful community grow even larger.


If you would like to vote for TEI and help us grow please cast your daily vote HERE.

What are the benefits to voting? Well we plan on implementing a system similar to the big servers where you get rewarded for voting daily. That may take up to a couple weeks to implement, but rest assured we are working on it.

Until then we will be doing coupon codes and discounts for the following goals:
100 Votes...
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Today's update was certainly a magical one, and one of our biggest to date!

Let's start with Treasure Trackers!

Treasure Trackers

Treasure Trackers are the names of the Villagers in the hub. The Villagers keep track of the Treasure Chests you own.

What are Gems? How can I earn them?
Gems are the main network currency for TEI. They allow you to unlock Gizmos, Hats and more 'Unlockables'. You can earn them from Treasure, redeem an amount monthly as a Pixie+, or win them from games.

What are Pixie Dust? How can I earn them?
Pixie Dust are the network's sub-currency. These can be converted into Gems, Chests and more items (this will be in an update very soon). Pixie Dust are the most common form of currency you can receive. However, Pixie Dust are more flexible...
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Hello everybody,
This is Trustinlies with some exciting news. We have heard what you have asked for and have followed through. Many of you do not necessarily like some of the features of our new Skywars plugin. So here is what we did.

Skywars 01 will continue the way the update has been. This means there is still voting for things like weather, chest type, time, jump boost, etc. We are calling this Skywars-OP.

Skywars 02 has all of the voting removed. We have however, left in the vip features of the colored glass, particle effects and projectile particles. A little flare for your game doesn't effect how it's played. We have dubbed this Skywars-Standard.

In addition to the separate types of Skywars, we have removed the ability to spectate. This is due to an issue with the plugin that allowed spectators to influence the outcomes of matches. If we can get this fixed we will add the ability back in.

Thank you guys and rest assured, we do listen to your feedback. <3
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We are going to be starting to record news and updates on a regular basis. Just showcasing things on the server, talking about our updates and new features, and MORE! Stay tuned.
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Please treat the forums like our server, we will be enforcing the same rules.

- Treat everyone with respect. We all love minecraft and we all play on TEI
- No foul or inappropriate language or conversations, we are kid friendly.
- Do not spam the forums, if you do your posts will be deleted and you may be banned.
- Remember everyone is entitled to their opinion, please respect that.
- Please read and follow any submission guides provided in forums. They are there for a reason.
- Have fun and enjoy TEI!